About Next2new Wireless

Founded in 2007 by Will Wheeler, Next2new Wireless has been a success story helping customers with creative options in dealing with wireless phone service and equipment.

After Bringing in Investors the retail stores were rebranded to another company,and the remainder was purchased for a similar regional chain and then a national chain after that.  Over the past few years someone lost sight of all the things that made the original Next2new Wireless the best place to find a solution to any wireless problem. In short it comes down to understanding the customer and meeting their needs.

Will went on to create a wholesale company that caters to the local repair shops and sells the newest wireless gadgets and accessories. But many customers are not getting the options and services that they came to trust from us.

We will be bringing the entire Next2new Wireless concept back along with many of our original staff, and we will be looking to find the right retail location soon. For now the products and services are only a call or click away.